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Hi (: you are absolutely splendid, wonderful, amazing, spectacular. You are above anything I can describe, never liet anyone get you down, keep moving on higher ground. This is your life, make of it what you please, you are in control :) If you need ANYTHING at all we are here for you, 24/7.

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hi. i didn’t mean to intrude on your scrolling but i think you’re beautiful.

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This is honestly amazing. I love this so much.

Anonymous said: I was at a graduation party yesterday, saying goodbye to all my classmates i known for years. We drank alot and got drunk, and the boys got really happy and touchy. One of the guys from my class, began flirting with me and told me to kiss him, i said no but he begged me. It was just 2 quick kisses (like u give ur parents when u were younger). But im kinda seeing someone should i tell him? or just let it go cause it didn't mean anything at all.

If he tries to hit on you again, then┬ádefinitely┬ájust tell him off. Doesn’t matter if you tell him you’re seeing someone or not. Didn’t mean anything, it was just a party. -Bradley :)